Thursday, June 15


    Faith in set determination courtesy of the Fourth Estate is sealed by the reviewer from the campus newspaper of the University of New Mexico.  In a feat rarely achieved in all of the known STP writing, his lengthy review mentions by name all 15 songs played that evening in the sweltering basketball arena known as The Pit.  We know that his song registry is true because it corresponds perfectly with the complete Albuquerque audience tape that surfaced once this research got underway.




Albuquerque Journal


Tribal Messenger


Daily Lobo


Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar






Rocks Off



Gimme Shelter






Tumbling Dice



Love In Vain



Sweet Virginia






All Down The Line



Midnight Rambler



Bye Bye Johnny



Rip This Joint













Opening: Stevie Wonder







Opening: Stevie Wonder


Jagger: “he had removed his silver topcoat” and “the dark purple jumpsuit came unzippered to the waist”


Opening: Stevie Wonder


Daily Lobo: “Right off – when Jagger hit the stage with his purple and silver outfit, purple eyeshadow, two pink stars pasted to each temple just behind the eye, obscenely sucking on a lemon and discarding the parts one at a time, and hopping across the right half of the stage so the glitter in his hair would fly off leaving a sparkling star shower behind him – I knew I was going to enjoy the show.”


Washington Post: “The crowd is hot, but so is the unairconditioned arena. The acoustics are poor, and there is no way to mount the huge reflecting mirror...a Chip Monck innovation that bounces light onto the stage. It’s going to be a bummer.”




Selected Press Clippings


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Daily Lobo1 * 2 * 3


Tribal Messenger1


Washington Post2